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Fnatic defeated Orgless to claim the title of 2019 Six Masters. The finals were played live at the Melbourne Esports Open. With the biggest prize pool in ANZ Rainbow Six history, it was definitely the battle to win. After all the clean sweeps happening at MEO, Rainbow Six ensured an epic showdown for the fans.

Six Masters marathon

The Six Masters took place over three long days in Melbourne, with eight teams making it through to the finals at MEO. These teams battled it out across quarter and semi-finals, leading into the grand final. The results heading into the final stood as follows:


  • Orgless def. Rhythm, 2-0
  • Mindfreak def. ACME, 2-1
  • FURY def. Sinister, 2-0
  • Fnatic def. Oddity, 2-1


  • Orgless def. Mindfreak, 2-1
  • Fnatic def. FURY, 2-0

Everything came down to the final, and what a marathon it was. Both Fnatic and Orgless continued to trade games back and forth. Dedicated fans sat for hours, as it looked like neither team had the upper hand. It came down to the final map. It was all even. Then, finally, Fnatic had the match point at 6-4 and were able to convert. They claimed victory and were crowned “The Six Masters.”

With this, Fnatic add another win to their bag. Fnatic won the Six Masters at PAX Australia last year. Can they continue?

Fnatic will return for 2020

Earlier this week, Rainbow Six ANZ announced the Six Masters will return in 2020. They also announced all eight teams who played in the Melbourne Esports Finals have automatically qualified for the 2020 competition. Looks like we’ll be seeing more Fnatic Vs. Orgless showdowns in the future.

If you have some time to kill – because let’s face it, the finals took hours – rewatch all the Six Masters action on the official Rainbow6 Twitch channel. If the Six Masters got you excited to play some Rainbow Six, read up on the recently released unranked playlist, or the Battle Pass edition.