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Halo fans have continued to show their devotion to the series through more than playing Halo Infinite; they’re creating fan-made content and products. While some have been in the works for a while, the hype around the game seems to be getting more attention, and traction, due to the upcoming release of the Halo television series on March 24.

The most recent fan-made product is a pair of custom training shoes with a Halo and Master Chief theme. The green and tan running shoes were posted to the Halo Infinite reddit page. The creator also posted where they made the design on the Nike website.

Halo fan-made shoes
The Halo fan-made Master Chief styled shoes are green and gold. | Provided by reddit user KindType

Another fan-made Halo product, Branching Sickness, also showed up on the Halo Infinite forums. The Halo fan game, announced in 2021 and to be released sometime in 2022, is a horror title about the Flood. The story follows one trapped Marine as he tries to survive while an onslaught of Flood attacks him.

The Halo spinoff was recently showcased on the Infinite forums and garnered much attention. The team working on the title has had a working trailer since July of 2021. The game, itself, looks decently polished for a fan-made game and the lead modeler released in-game screenshots, one of which is provided below, for the community to see.

Halo fan-made title in-game screenshot from Branching Sickness
The Halo fan-made game Branching Sickness is expected to come out this year. | Provided by hantar7788

The Halo television series premiers on March 24 on Paramount+ with episodes releasing weekly. The series will feature Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief and Jen Taylor as Cortana. Halo fans have been waiting years for the release of a Halo series or movie, and they’re finally about to see one committed to film. With just a few more weeks to wait, the fan-made Halo products will have to get us over the edge before the new series drops.

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