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Halo Infinite has expanded upon what made its multiplayer experiences great in the past by adding some new elements. One of those additions is the new Equipment section. Previously, Equipment in Halo worked a little differently in multiplayer. The items were located around the map but once players picked them up, they had to equip it right then and there. Now, with Infinite, players can activate the Equipment when they see fit.

To make this system even more advanced from previous titles, Halo Infinite has brand new pieces of Equipment. Players can learn what these are and how they work below.

All Halo Infinite Equipment

Active Camo

For any long-time Halo player, this Equipment is ingrained in their repertoire. Active Camo allows a player to become nearly invisible for a short amount of time. Enemies will still be able to see a blurry outline of the player and firing any weapon will cause the camo to break.

Drop Wall

This is a new piece of Equipment in Halo Infinite. Once activated, it drops down a 3×5 block shield that blocks enemy fire. Enemies will still be able to shoot through the shield with enough bullets, though, so players need to be careful when they use the shield and how they position themselves around it.


Perhaps the most anticipated piece of Equipment, the Grappleshot — just like Pathfinder from Apex Legends — allows players to grapple themselves to a high or far away location in the blink of an eye. In addition to traversal, players can also utilize the Grappleshot to bring weapons and other pieces of Equipment into their hands. This works with pulling enemies closer as well, so players should have a ton of fun with the Grappleshot in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite Grappleshot
The Grappleshot is one of the new Equipment items in Halo Infinite. | Provided by 343


One of the most classic pieces of Equipment in Halo is back in Infinite. Overshield grants players with double the shields so they require more bullets to kill. The shield will slowly run out as time goes on or as enemies shoot it off the player.


Another new Equipment in Halo Infinite is the Repulsor. Players can utilize this to deflect enemy bullets and other projectiles while it’s active. These projectiles are then flung back at the enemy to damage them with their own fire. The Repulsor doesn’t last long, though, so players should use it when they’re in a pinch and not out in the open unless needed.

Threat Sensor

For Call of Duty fans, the Threat Sensor will seem familiar. It’s essentially a Field Mic that shows an enemy’s location on the mini-map if they come into the radius of the sensor. Players place this sensor down and it will stay active for as long as it’s hidden from enemies.


Finally, the last current piece of Equipment in Halo Infinite is the Thruster. This simply thrusts players into the air in whatever direction the player wants. The direction is controlled by the player’s inputs on their controller or keyboard and mouse.