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Black Clover fans have probably already fallen in love with Grimoires Era and for good reason. This is the best experience for fans of the anime in Roblox with a massive world to explore boasting characters, powers, and other iconic aspects of the hit Shonnen series.

If you’re playing then list Asta your goal is probably to become the greatest fighter there is and to help with that mission there are plenty of rewards up for grabs. Codes are available that will instantly unlock boosts and reward items in your Grimoires Era game, making it much easier to gain power and strength.

To save you some time we’ve compiled a list of all the working and expired codes you can use in Grimoires Era and provided a rundown of what they do.

All Grimoires Era codes

BUILDERBOY5 Aura Spins, 5 Race Spins
BRONZEBR5 Aura Spins, 5 Race Spins
60KLIKES5 Grimoire Spins
12MVISITS5 Grimoire Spins
13MVISITS5 Grimoire Spins
DungeonIsComing15 Grimoire Spins
11MVISITS10 Grimoire Spins
55KLIKES10 Aura Spins, 10 Race Spins
10MRESETStat Reset
50KLIKES5 Aura Spins, 5 Race Spins
45KLIKES5 Aura Spins, 5 Race Spins
40KLIKES5 Aura Spins, 5 Race Spins
10MVISITS5 Grimoire Spins
9MVISITS5 Grimoire Spins
8MVISITS5 Grimoire Spins
7MVISITS5 Grimoire Spins
35KLIKES5 Grimoire Spins
5MVISITS5 Grimoire Spins
6MVISITS5 Grimoire Spins
SORRY4SHUTDOWN30 minutes of double EXP
INEGAMES20 Grimoire Points
50KDISCORD30 minutes of double Yen
4MVISITS10 minutes of double luck
3MVISITS30 minutes of double EXP
30KLIKES5 Grimoire Spins
25KLIKES5 Grimoire Spins
20KLIKES5 Grimoire Spins
15KLIKES5 Grimoire Spins
10KLIKES30 Minutes of double EXP
1MVISITS30 Minutes of double Yen
2MVISITS30 Aura Spins, 30 Race Spins
4KLIKES6 Grimoire Spins
5KLIKES7 Grimoire Spins
6KPLAYERS30 Minutes of double EXP
500KVISITS30 Minutes of Double Luck
GHOKSZIN6 Grimoire Spins
10KPLAYERS10 of each Spin and Boost
10KDISCORDDouble Luck for 10 minutes
300KVISITS10 Aura Spins
GGGAMES5 Aura Spins
MEDTW5 Aura Spins
200KVISITS5 Aura Spins
4KPLAYERS1 Aura Spin

Expired Grimoire Era codes

The codes below have since expired so they will not provide you any rewards, however, we’ll still be keeping a running list so there is no confusion.

  • 100KVISITS

How to redeem Grimoires Era codes

The process to redeem the Grimoires Era codes above is quite simple and something that you can do right from the time you start playing.

Here is a step-by-step guide so that you don’t get lost:

  • Boot up Grimoires Era in Roblox
  • On the left of your screen choose the Menu button
  • In this menu on the top row pick the Question Mark symbol
  • Now in the bottom right of this screen, you will see a code section, input the code in the provided text box
  • Press the Code button to redeem

That should do the trick! Once done you should notice the rewards appear in your game.

Why aren’t my Grimoires Era codes working?

If you’ve followed the steps above but notice that the code isn’t working correctly then there could be two reasons this is happening.

The first is that you’ve input the code incorrectly. Roblox codes are case-sensitive so make sure that all of the letters you’ve used are uppercase and that any extra numbers or symbols have been included.

The other reason that you might be having issues is that the code has expired. We will do our best to keep this list current, but Grimoires Era codes can expire at any time, so it may be a case where the code has just reached the end of its availability. Fortunately, there are plenty of other codes to redeem for some quick loot.

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