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Anime World Tower Defense is one of the best and most popular games in Roblox right now, and if you’re as addicted as we are then you’ll want to use codes to maximize your in-game rewards.

Codes provide Anime World Tower Defense players with handy items from gold to Puzzle, and much more, so it’s definitely something you’re going to want to take advantage of. The best part is that there are many of them and we’ve got a full list ready for you to redeem.

To help you upgrade your team, defend your ground, and put together a defense of the best units the game has to offer, here’s every code in Anime World Tower Defense right now.

All Anime World Tower Defense codes

Anime World Tower Defense Gojo
Image via Lazy Cat Studio
Valentine202410 Chocolates
February11Accident3,000 Puzzle, 25 Reroll Tokens
1MGolds1 million Gold
100MVisit10,000 Puzzles, 5 Miracle Shards, Exclusive Skin (Must be Level 50 or higher)
GodShinobi3,000 Puzzle
SorryForQuestBug5,000 Puzzle, 1 Miracle Shard
UchigoDaigan3,000 Puzzle
75MVisit3,000 Puzzle, 750,000 Gold (Must be level 25 or higher)
125KFav10,000 Puzzle, 5,000 Spirit (Must be level 25 or higher)
MerryChristmasAWTD202310,000 Christmas Bell, Legendary Padoru Unit
CHRISTMAS20233,000 Christmas Bell
StringKingdom30 Reroll Tokens, 3,000 Puzzle
50MVisit5,000 Puzzle, 5 Miracle Shards
PureLove3,000 Puzzle
CorruptedNight3,000 Cardies, 3,000 Puzzle
HollowPurple100 Reroll Tokens, 10,000 Puzzle, 5 Miracle Shards
SorryForShutdown!200,000 Rerolls, 1,500 Puzzle
100KFav1,000,000 Gold, 10,000 Puzzle
HappyHalloween!3,000 Candy
BlamSpot250 Puzzle
Noclypso250 Puzzle
CorruptedNight3,000 Candy, 3,000 Puzzle

Expired Anime World Tower Defense codes

These codes below no longer work, but we’ll be keeping a running list so that you don’t accidentally enter anything that has since expired.

  • 75KFAV
  • Fate
  • SryForShutDownTooMuch
  • AWTD
  • 10KLIKES
  • PF2BUpdate
  • SorryForBug
  • XboxSupport
  • GrandReaper
  • SryF0rShutD0wn
  • 25KLikes
  • QuincyInvation
  • New_SorryForSummonAndStoryBugged
  • HappyNewYears
  • PirateKing
  • PowerReaper
  • FateUpdateDelay
  • KingLuffy
  • 20KLikes
  • 10MVisits
  • UnitFollowingIsBack
  • 30MVisits
  • AWTDRelease
  • RipAwtd
  • EarlyChristmas
  • FreeGold
  • New_6Mvisit
  • 1Mvisit
  • HappyChristmas
  • ProTurtle
  • MyHero
  • OitnaiWorkHard
  • Arrancar
  • SryForALotOfShutdown
  • New_Yosha!
  • New_SorryWeCantRestoreYourUnitUpgradeTUT
  • Noclypso
  • DemonHunt
  • GameRelease
  • 35KLikes

How to redeem Anime World Tower Defense codes

Using these Anime World Tower Defense codes is extremely simple and it’s something you can do at any time while playing the game in Roblox.

Here’s a step-by-step guide so you can get it done:

  • Boot up the Anime World Tower Defense game in Roblox
  • Choose the Settings cog from the left of your screen
  • Scroll down and you will see a box that says “Put The Code Here..”
  • Enter the code from our list and claim your reward

It’s that easy!

Why aren’t my Anime World Tower Defense codes working?

The most likely reason that these codes might not be working for you is that you’re inputting them wrong. These codes are case sensitive, so you must use the upper and lower case exactly as it has been shared. Similarly, extra symbols are important so we suggest copying exactly what you see here to avoid any issues.

Another reason that the code might not be working is that it has expired, however, we will be keeping this list current so any code that has expired should be moved to our expired codes section. The good news: There’s always plenty of codes to use so don’t panic!

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