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Eternal Return: Black Survival is still in early access but the game is pushing along its development very nicely. As it gets closer to the official launch, as well as its release on the Xbox, ERBS has big things planned for its fourth season. Here is everything coming to the game in the coming weeks, including a look at the first Battle Pass, the Augments system, new skins and a new game mode. Season 4 is set to launch on Nov. 11.

Season 4 Battle Pass

Eternal Return Battle Pass
A preview at what the first Battle Pass could look like. Content is subject to change.  | Provided by Nimble Neuron

Just like every other game worth its salt, ERBS is introducing a Battle Pass system. The Battle Pass will engage players to play more games in order to complete missions. This, in turn, will grant players special perks. The first ERBS Battle Pass will be available for purchase at the beginning of Season 4, which launches in a couple of weeks.

In this Battle Pass, players will be able to unlock exclusive skins, announcer packs, character voice packs, emotes, rest effects and more. They will also earn A-coins, which can be used to unlock characters, as well as NP, which can be used to buy premium items like character skins and even another Battle Pass. It will also give players the opportunity to earn enough NP to buy the next Battle Pass. On top of that, players will be able to buy older Battle Passes.


Similar to League of Legends, ERBS is coming out with a runes and masteries system. They are calling it Augments. These augments will be separated into three tiers based on offense, defense and utility. Players will get to select one core augment from one of the three talent trees as well as sub-augments. There were originally supposed to be nine core augments but the developers at ERBS reduced it to seven in order to make the game simpler. In the dev letter, jack-of-all-trades developer Travis “Aesop” Walton talked about how player retention and new players have a hard time handling all the new systems.

Some of these augments have already been revealed and more will be announced in the coming days.

New Mode

ERBS leans heavily into the combat fantasy that MOBA’s are known for. While the game plays like a survival battle royale, the combat mechanics in the game are top-notch. Because of that, ERBS is developing a mode to capitalize on this and it’s slated to come out in Season 4. In the dev letter, Aesop stated that the new mode will be “a random-pick mode where we assign you a random test subject and pit you against other players in a king-of-the-kill type match.” He also said that its pretty much ERBS with a focus on combat. “Less looting, more fighting,” he said.

The intention of the mode is to be one for newer players to get used to the game and characters. But it can also provide a casual experience to veteran players as well.

Holiday skins

Eternal Return
Concept art for the Halloween Emma skin. | Provided by Nimble Neuron

For many games, the holiday season is a cash-cow, as players love to get in the holiday spirit — especially when they can get their favorite characters to do so as well. Because of that, in ERBS Season 4, there will be Halloween and Christmas-themed skins coming out throughout the season. This year, it will be Emma who will be receiving a Halloween skin. The dev letter also revealed that William and Lenox will be getting Christmas skins. Other characters with skins in development are Leon, Nadine, Eleven, Shoichi, Hyunwoo, Yuki. Rio and Nicky.

Concept art of the Christmas William skin. | Provided by Nimble Neuron

All of these skins will release in Season 4.