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After months of disappointing updates and surprises, Epic Games is stepping up their communication. Fortnite has been in a state of flux since Season 7 in large part thanks to Epic’s questionable development route. However, the tides seem to be changing, as they released a performance and competitive communication update earlier today.

A month or so ago, Fortnite was in its worse state ever. The casual and competitive players both were extremely unhappy with the game. It almost seemed like Epic Games wanted Fortnite to fail with how poorly they were running the development.

Although, recently this has changed for the better. Epic seems to have realized the error of its ways and is stepping up its game significantly. By listening to the community, Epic announced several huge nerfs. Check out that full list of updates. But this communication update further proves they’ve been listening.

So what did Epic say in the update?

Communication is key

Epic Games releases Fortnite performance and communication update

In their communication update today, they made it a point to emphasize that they’ll give more context in the future when balancing in-game items.

Also in the update came a long-awaited announcement on performance issues. Since Season 9 launched, many players have been experiencing texture loss, frame rate drops, and lag spikes. Mainly affecting console users, this is a huge problem.

Epic acknowledged this known issue in the v9.01 update by introducing minor fixes. Although, they announced today that they will be working harder to minimize these problems.

While it’s not perfect by any means, it’s great to see Epic Games communicate with the community. Fortnite will never be able to make everyone happy, but the most Epic can do is try to appease the majority. With more updates like this one and the past few, they are certainly on their way.

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