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Just before the Latin America Rainbow Six Siege Pro League season starts on Sept. 25, North American esports organization Elevate has announced its return to the R6 Siege Pro League. This news comes after Counter Logic Gaming acquired its previous roster in February of 2018.

Return to Rainbow Six Siege

Elevate has acquired the former roster of Brazilian esports organization ReD DevilS Esports. The lineup was dropped in July after lackluster results over the last two years. The team only won a total of $5,500 in prize pool earnings from 2018 on. The ReD DevilS roster placed 7th out of 8 teams in Season 9 of the Latin America Pro League. With this almost dead last finish, they were sent to a Relegation bracket. Fortunately, the team managed to defeat YeaH Gaming and retain their spot.

However, the team is doing even worse in Season 10 of the Latin America Rainbow Six Siege Pro League. Before being acquired, the roster had 0 wins, 1 tie, and 6 losses. The only tie is to the Immortals roster, which was later purchased by MiBR. However, MiBR similarly has 0 wins, with 3 ties instead. If the team cannot manage to improve itself in the next 7 matches, it will be sent to relegation again. 

Team Elevate’s history

It almost seems like Elevate is in the business of acquiring underperforming Rainbow Six Siege teams and then selling them to other organizations. Since its entrance into Rainbow Six, it has gone through two previous teams before its current one.

In 2016, the North American organization acquired the Nemesis roster before later selling it to SoaR Gaming. Just months later, it then acquired the roster of eXcellence Gaming after their players’ contracts ended. Elevate later sold this team to Counter Logic Gaming. 

However, the rosters have never achieved much since Season 3 of the Pro League. All of the tournament and league placements by Elevate have consistently been in the bottom half of the bracket. Can Elevate compete against Latin America powerhouses like Ninjas in Pyjamas and FaZe Clan? Let us know what you think.

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