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We all know that Elden Ring is difficult, but that was never going to stop players from finding the quickest way to beat it. It hasn’t even been two weeks since FromSoftware’s instant classic launched and one Elden Ring speedrunner has found a way to beat in in less than three hours.

“Welcome to FromSoftwares newly released action RPG Elden Ring,” writes Grand Theft Auto fan and Elden Ring speedrunner niko bellic. “In today’s video, we will speedrun through the whole game and beat the final boss Radagon and the Elden Beast without dying once in about two hours and thirty minutes.”

You can view the entire run below, although you’ll spoil some of the most exciting parts of the game.

Elden Ring speed runner finishes final bosses without dying

Elden Ring, like Breath of the Wild, is an incredibly open game. Many bosses and encounters can be skipped altogether in favor of progressing the main story. However, mainline story bosses, like Margit and Godrick, must be fought. Many others can be skipped by using the spectral steed, Torrent, to find special pathways in the Lands Between. It’s safe to say that this time will probably be beaten soon.

FromSoftware games, including Sekiro, Bloodborne and all the Dark Souls games, are notorious for growing popular in the speedrunning community. There’s something about the difficulty of these games that draws in players who are gluttons for punishment. They die over and over again while perfecting their speedrunning strategies.

Elden Ring will almost certainly make an appearance at upcoming speedrunning events, including Awesome Games Done Quick later this year. We’ll have to wait and see how much time runners are able to carve off in the Lands Between. Perhaps Elden Ring can be beaten in less than two hours, at least.

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