DrDisrespect speaks for the first time since shocking Twitch ban, posts cryptic Twitter video
DrDisrespect Twitch ban Washington Post interview

DrDisrespect speaks for the first time since shocking Twitch ban, posts cryptic Twitter video

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After three weeks of tension-filled silence, currently banned Twitch streamer Guy “DrDisrespect” Beahm has spoken out. This is the first time we’re hearing DrDisrespect talk about the situation since he posted a tweet one day after his ban. In an exclusive interview with the Washington Post, the Doc talks about his current standoff with Twitch, the future of his streaming career, and more. Let’s see what one of gaming’s biggest personalities had to say after nearly a month of silence.

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DrDisrespect talks about his Twitch ban

In the interview with the Washington newspaper, DrDisrespect is maintaining that he still doesn’t know why he was banned off the streaming platform. According to him, Twitch still hasn’t notified him about their reasoning. Although, rumor has it that Twitch is doing a massive internal investigation in regards to this situation. Here’s what Doc had to say about the ban:

It was a total shock. Imagine showing up to work and the doors are closed and you can’t get inside. You’re going, “What’s going on?” And you’ve been told you’ve been fired. But you haven’t been told the reason why. We just weren’t given an answer.

This whole conundrum doesn’t seem to make any sense. After all, DrDisrespect just signed a multi-million dollar exclusivity deal with Twitch two months ago. So, the platform obviously believes that the streamer has done something extremely wrong. Of course, we don’t know what after nearly a month of speculation.

DrDisrespect Twitch ban
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The interview goes on with the Doctor speaking on his community and what the future holds. With a planned T.V. show in the works, DrDisrespect states that the recent halt to his streaming won’t affect that endeavor.

In terms of what lies ahead for his streaming career, Doc and his team declined to speak on where the streamer may end up. However, the mustachioed personality did say that he and his team are working on a game plan.

But, you know, I’m surrounded by a good team. And we’re putting together a nice little game plan. I’m really excited to take things to the next level.

DrDisrespect posts cryptic Twitter video

Several hours after the interview with the Washington Post was made public, the Doc posted yet another tweet. However, this time it was a minute-long video that takes a not-so-subtle jab at Twitch.

In the video, a song is playing that states “It’s out of my hands, but I’m still in control.” This likely relates to how Twitch banned him without notice. Though, that doesn’t seem to matter now, as DrDisrespect is moving on. Where he’s moving on to is still a mystery, but if this video is any indication, we won’t have to wait much longer for an answer.

We’ll be sure to update you with any news surrounding DrDisrespect here at Daily Esports.

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