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Once you finish up with the coronation in Vernworth, you’ll be tasked with going to the region of Battahl. The Queen Regent has been secretly communicating with someone in Battahl and it’s your job to find out why. Brant gives you a permit to enter Battahl, but the permit is only usable by beastrens in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

If your character’s race is beastren, then you should have no problem using the permit, going through the border gate at the Checkpoint Rest Town, and entering Battahl. However, if you’re a human, then you won’t be able to use the permit until you find a way to disguise yourself as a beastren. Below, you can see exactly how to do just that.

Entering Battahl with the permit in DD2

The Battahl Permit. Screenshot via Upcomer

If you’re like me, you might have thought your Pawns could come into play with the permit. I initially thought that giving the permit to one of my beastren Pawns would allow me to enter Battahl with no issue, but that’s not the case. The only way to use the permit is to disguise your character as a beastren.

Your disguise comes in the form of a beastren mask, which can be equipped like any normal headpiece armor. However, procuring a beastren mask can be tricky, as they’re only found in one specific location.

How to find a beastren mask in DD2

The beastren mask in DD2. Screenshot via Upcomer

You can find a beastren mask for sale at Ibrahim’s Scrap Store, found in the Checkpoint Rest Town. Ibrahim’s shop is located along the back alley of the town and you can purchase an authentic beastren mask from him for just 8,700 gold. The store also sells Wakestone Shards and the Jadeite Orb, which is used for another side quest in DD2. You can read my previous guides on the Jadeite Orb quest if you want to earn some extra gold and XP.

Location of Ibrahim’s Scrap Store. Screenshot via Upcomer

Once you buy the beastren mask, equip it and head up to the border with your permit. Talk to the border guard, hand over the permit, and you’ll be all set to enter Battahl. It’s worth noting that if you fast travel back to Vernmund at any point and need to go through the border again, you still need to have the permit in your inventory, so don’t discard it any time. I didn’t need to have my beastren mask equipped to enter Battahl, but I still recommend having the mask handy in case you do need it.