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Salubrious Draught is one of the primary healing items you’ll use throughout the course of Dragon’s Dogma 2. It’s the easiest healing item to create and it can be made using a wide range of resources.

However, early on in Dragon’s Dogma 2, making the healing potion won’t be too simple. You need to find some specific materials that are located in various spots across the map. More specifically, you can complete an early side quest at the Borderwatch Outpost that requires you to make three Salubrious Draughts. Whether you’re on that quest or just want to make more of the potion, here’s every way to make Salubrious Draught in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Every way to make Salubrious Draught in DD2

The different Salubrious Draught recipes. Screenshot via Upcomer

Salubrious Draught is crafted using dozens of different resources, but those crafting recipes are only unlocked as you progress through the game and pick up the resources. For the most part, you can craft Salubrious Draught using a plant (Harspud, Greenwarish, Morningtide, etc.) and a fruit (Grapes, Fig, Apple, etc.).

You can choose to combine these resources yourself in the “Experiment” tab of the combination menu in the inventory, or simply use an existing recipe. If you’re at the start of the game, though, you need to combine Greenwarish and Apples (or other fruit), as that’s what the side quest calls for.

For those of you past the early stages of DD2, here’s a list of every known recipe for Salubrious Draught (that I’ve found):

  • Greenwarish + Apple
  • Greenwarish + Fig
  • Greenwarish + Grapes
  • Greenwarish + Strawberry
  • Greenwarish + Quince
  • Greenwarish + Raspberry
  • Greenwarish + Cranberry
  • Greenwarish + Blueberry
  • Syrupwort Leaf + Apple
  • Syrupwort Leaf + Grapes
  • Syrupwort Leaf + Quince
  • Syrupwort Leaf + Fig
  • Syrupwort Leaf + Raspberry
  • Syrupwort Leaf + Cranberry
  • Syrupwort Leaf + Blueberry
  • Syrupwort Leaf + Strawberry

Those are the best ways to make Salubrious Draught in DD2. However, there might be additional resources that I have yet to find and can be used to create the potion, so I’ll continue to update the list as I progress through the game.