Does Sons of the Forest have autosave?
Sons of the Forest autosave
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Does Sons of the Forest have autosave?

It's not that easy

As with any survival game, Sons of the Forest can be treacherous at any turn. Whether you’re trying to find food and water to simply survive or running into hordes of mutants that have the sole goal of killing you, there are very few safe spaces on the mysterious island you have crashed-landed on. It’s for this reason that some fans have been wondering if there is an autosave function in Sons of the Forest.

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An autosave function is something commonly found in open world games and other RPGs. It essentially allows players to save their progress without having to physically press the save button themselves. Usually, an autosave will take place after a player has completed a mission or done something else important in the game. In Sons of the Forest, this would be extremely helpful, as players can die at any minute and potentially lose a ton of progress.

Autosave in Sons of the Forest

Unfortunately for those holding out hope for an autosave function, Sons of the Forest does not currently have the feature. This is by design, as the developers want the sense of danger to be present at all times.

Sons Of The Forest autosave
Provided by Endnight Games

Of course, just because there is no autosave feature doesn’t mean that players can’t ever save their game. The easiest way for players to ensure that their game is saved is by going to sleep every night. Doing this automatically saves your game and progresses the night so you can wake up and start a new day in the sunlight.

In your first few hours of Sons of the Forest, your primary sleeping method will be through the tent shelter, which we explained how to make in a previous guide. After some time, your base-building will become more advanced and you will be able to ditch the tent for other sleeping methods, like a normal bed.

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