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The gaming world has been set on fire since the Tfue/FaZe bombshell report released. Gamers from every sector of the industry are speaking their minds on this issue, including other FaZe members. It’s safe to say that one side — either Tfue or FaZe — is lying one way or the other.

When a lawsuit surfaces from the biggest Twitch streamer against the largest esports organization, people take notice. Tfue suing FaZe has a huge impact on the future of gaming and esports due to the nature of the allegations.

Since this story has such magnitude, many have shared their feelings on the situation. Fortnite players, streamers, and FaZe Clan themselves have all made their feelings known about the subject on social media.

The community speaks out

As soon as this story broke, various members of the esports/gaming world tweeted their reactions. While some sided with either Tfue or FaZe, most decided to hear both sides of the story first. In a report with this many accusations, there are always two sides to what happened.

However, while the community played the middle ground, members of FaZe stuck up for their team. The most prominent of these members is owner FaZe Banks.

Here are some of the best reactions from the FaZe/Tfue situation. WARNING: Some of these tweets contain NSFW language.

This is why I love Tom LOOOOL from FortniteCompetitive

80/20 not 20/80 from FortniteCompetitive

FaZe Banks

As you can see, the community feels very strongly about this issue. While many of the tweets took a serious or solemn approach, Tom or “72hrs” went for a more lighthearted route.

Before joining Team Liquid, 72hrs was a member of FaZe’s Fortnite team. Obviously, his smile emoji is in reference to leaving the clan at the correct time.

However, the owner of FaZe, Banks, went on the attack. Clearly, he believes the monetary accusations against his team are false. That said, it is interesting he never addressed the FaZe Highsky age issue or some of the other big accusations surrounding FaZe’s restrictions on Tfue’s rights.

FaZe Clan’s response

About an hour after the story went viral, FaZe Clan issued a response on their social media. In it, they claim they’ve only taken $60,000 from Tfue and that this was from strictly brand deals.

FaZe Clan

While Tfue is actively suing FaZe, the organization still seems to want to maintain a relationship with him. The official response isn’t condemning Tfue’s actions, merely correcting them with what they believe to be true.

Along with this, Banks went on the YouTube show “DramaAlert” to do an interview about the matter. In this interview with host Keemstar, Banks continually says how much he loves Tfue and wishes this didn’t happen.

With two giants of the gaming world going head to head, it’s sure to be a bloodbath. Both sides are contending they are correct, but in the end, one party will win.

FaZe still has yet to comment on the FaZe Highsky issue or their supposed illegal actions with Tfue. If anything else develops with any part of this story, we will be sure to keep you informed.

What do you think of FaZe’s response? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned to Daily Esports for all updates to this story.