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At some point or another, players will venture into the Caelid region of Elden Ring. This part of the map has a reddish landscape and tougher enemies than most other locations in the Lands Between. Those enemies are led by Starscourge Radahn, the main boss in Caelid. He can be found at Redmane Castle and he is a certified demigod. This boss battle is one of the hardest in Elden Ring, making players wonder if they can summon their Spirit Ashes to help face him.

If you’ve already gone up against Radahn but didn’t quite beat him, you’ll notice that your Spirit Ashes cannot be used. While the game gives you a plethora of other summoned NPCs to fight Radahn, players are curious as to how they can get their actual summons into the fray. Below, you’ll find all of the answers to your questions.

Using summons against Radahn in Elden Ring

In short, Elden Ring does not allow you to use your Spirit Ash summons in the boss battle with Radahn. Apparently, the developers felt that giving you so many other NPC summons was enough to justify you not being able to call in a Spirit Ash of your own.

Radahn Elden Ring
The fight against Radahn in Elden Ring. | Provided by FromSoftware

If you try to use a Spirit Ash from your item armament bar, it will be blacked out. There’s no way for you to get around this, so you’ll have to make do with what the game gives you. The NPC summons are found all over the battlefield in the dunes that you fight Radahn on.

Just go over to each of the sword stacks on the ground, find a gold summoning sign and press the interact button. This will summon that NPC to aid you against Radahn. If any NPC summon dies, you can re-summon them by repeating the same process.

Starscourge Radahn is a difficult fight in Elden Ring, so make sure to use any summon you can get. For more helpful content, check out Upcomer’s comprehensive Elden Ring guide hub.

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