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With its roots in Sony’s PlayStation Vita, who doesn’t want to enjoy Helldivers 2 on the go? Well, while the days of the Vita are long gone, Valve has come to the rescue with a new handheld that has quickly risen to the top of portable gaming.

The Steam Deck has become the best way to play PC-quality games while out of the house for some time now, but how does it handle Helldivers 2? Being a game to launch on both PlayStation 5 and PC, there was no official word regarding its Steam Deck compatibility and the reality may disappoint you.

Is Helldivers 2 available on the Steam Deck

A Helldivers 2 character running through grass.
Image via Arrowhead Game Studios

While you now can run Helldivers 2 on Steam Deck, you probably won’t want to do so as it’s not the most stable experience.

The initial launch version of Helldivers 2 was not playable on Valve’s handheld unless you booted in compatibility mode, however, as of update 1.000.004 it can be run as any normal Steam game would. But you’ll probably max out around 40 FPS with a ton of tinkering.

If you’re comfortable playing games at 30 FPS then the Helldivers 2 experience on the deck is manageable, but you’re going to struggle to get any smooth playing experiences with frames higher than that. For this reason, we wouldn’t suggest the Steam Deck as your go-to place to play.

It is possible in the future that Helldivers 2 can be optimized further for better performance on the Steam Deck, but as of right now, players will need to settle for the ability to play at all.