Can you have a house elf in Hogwarts Legacy?
House elf Hogwarts Legacy
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Can you have a house elf in Hogwarts Legacy?

Will you have your own version of Dobby?
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The State of Play gameplay trailer for Hogwarts Legacy revealed a great deal about the game, from scenes of the combat to examples of different explorable areas outside of Hogwarts. However, it’s currently unclear what role house elves will play in Hogwarts Legacy and how they may interact with players within the game.

Having a house elf in Hogwarts Legacy

House elves are a staple of the wizarding world, as demonstrated in the Harry Potter series where they can serve individual families or do other forms of labor, like working in the kitchens of Hogwarts.

In Hogwarts Legacy, it was confirmed that at least some house elves will be in the kitchens, as well. In fact, we got to meet the lead house elf of Hogwarts Legacy, whose name is Deek. It also seems like, at some point, Deek can become your own companion. This means that, from all accounts so far, you will be able to have a house elf in Hogwarts Legacy.

It’s unclear exactly what role Deek will play in the game. We did see him take the main character into the Room of Requirement and show how it works. The elf demonstrated how to use Vivariums to accomplish different goals in the Room of Requirement.

These Vivariums allow players to cultivate magical creatures and even go to a new location and customize their own cottage. We explained how the Room of Requirement will work more in-depth in a recent article.

Beyond showing the player the ropes of the Room of Requirement, it’s unknown how Deek will impact the story. Perhaps he’ll play a key role in the goblin rebellion or simply show players some secrets around Hogwarts. Fans will likely have to wait until Hogwarts Legacy releases this holiday season to find out more about Deek and the house elf.

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