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From the opening minutes of Skull and Bones, you are thrown directly into the fire. When the game starts, you’re commanding a massive ship and fighting a full army of British fleet ships, which are not easy to dispatch. However, if you’re like me and many others, you didn’t survive the first fight in Skull and Bones, leading to you being washed ashore after the wreck.

While losing the first fight sets up the story in Skull and Bones, you’re probably wondering if that fight is even possible to win whatsoever. Perhaps instead of washing ashore and having to start over as a pirate, your victory against the British Fleet leads your story in a different direction. You can see whether or not the first encounter is possible to win in the guide below.

Winning the first fight in Skull and Bones

Screenshot via Upcomer

Unfortunately, from everything I’ve seen in the community, this fight is impossible to emerge victorious from in Skull and Bones. There are simply too many British Fleet ships for you to keep your ship healthy and destroy all of them at the same time.

Even if you manage to take down several of the smaller ships in the fleet, the larger ones seemingly have an unlimited health bar that makes it impossible for you to sink them. You also can’t board any of the ships, so you can throw that idea out the window as well.

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By all accounts, you’re simply meant to lose the first fight in the game so the story can be set up in Skull and Bones. You’re a pirate who lost everything when your ship, the Exeter, went down against the British Fleet and now you need to work to get it all back. Just like you, every other player on your server is in the same boat, which is also why the first fight is impossible to win; multiplayer servers can’t feature players who have an immediate advantage over others.