Best plays in Day 3: final games of HCS Anaheim
Coaches for Cloud9 and OpTic Gaming show respect before the HCS Anaheim Grand Finals
Coaches for Cloud9 and OpTic Gaming show respect before the HCS Anaheim Grand Finals | Photo provided by the HCS

Best plays in Day 3: final games of HCS Anaheim

The final day brings some of the most clutch plays of Anaheim
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Day three, the final day of the Halo Championship Series Anaheim NA 2022 regional finals, had few teams left but many plays leading to a championship. The first and second days of HCS Anaheim had plenty of their own great plays, but the stakes are highest on the final day. The finals came down to HCS Raleigh champs Cloud9 versus OpTic Gaming. But, starting off the top plays, we have eUnited, who made their own mark in this tournament.

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Ryan “RyaNoob” Geddes clutches slayer for eUnited

Starting off the day, we have the eUnited and Pioneers match. In the second map, Slayer on Bazaar, it was 49-49. The first kill from either team would win them the map, and RyaNoob clutched out, getting the final two kills for his team.

Bradley “Frosty” Bergstrom wins Sentinels the series against G2 Esports

Looking to make a run of their own, Sentinels were up 2-1 in their match against G2 Esports. On map three, Capture The Flag, Frosty popped off for a 33-4-18 stat line, finishing off the series for Sentinels.

Zane “Penguin” Hearon goes 3/3 in sniper shots

At the same time, in the upper bracket, Cloud9 sent OpTic Gaming down to the lower bracket. It was off of moments like this where Penguin just could not miss his sniper shots.

Joey “Trippy” Taylor wins OT for OpTic

With eUnited in the way on their path to the Grand Finals, OpTic fought hard to get through. The highlight of that series was Trippy. On Slayer against an invisible enemy with an Energy Sword, he retreated and got the crucial kills to win the map. They eventually won the series and the Grand Finals ended up a winners bracket rematch of Cloud9 versus OpTic.

C9’s Kevin “Eco” Smith goes on an important killing spree

At the Grand Finals, Cloud9’s form coming into the series didn’t waver. Despite losing a map to OpTic, unlike their first series against them on day three, Eco decided to shock OpTic and go on an important killing spree, putting them one map away from winning HCS Anaheim.

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