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Day 1 of the Halo Championship Series Anaheim North American 2022 regional finals is over, and there were some great plays from the HCS Anaheim group stage. The seeding is set, as all groups have played their games to decide where they place in the knockouts. Even with no teams departing the event on the first date, players brought their A-game in the first day of competition at Anaheim.

Fnatic’s Torez “Envore” Broyles clutches twice

Fnatic had a close but successful first day at Anaheim. Finishing the day at 2-1, Envore was the standout for their team. He started with a triple kill to win the first Oddball round on Recharge, helping take the series to map 5 against Spacestation Gaming.

Then, in a Slayer map five, with the game tied going into the final kills, a sneaky back smack and double kill won the map and series for Fnatic.

Ayden “Suspector” Hill’s dynamo grenade leads to the CTF win

In the matchup between XSET and eUnited, the third map of Bazaar CTF was close from start to finish. After keeping it even at 1-1, eUnited pushed on one side of the map all together. Luckily enough, a single dynamo grenade along with some follow-up frags gave Suspector a triple kill. That clear led to the final flag capture for XSET, and a big map win.

Tyler “Spartan” Ganza rolls XSET with Shock Rifle on Recharge

The match continued on, but went back and forth. On Recharge with the Oddball game mode, eUnited’s Spartan decided to take over with some great shots. This kind of aim along with smart predictions helped lead eUnited to map five.

Ryan “RyaNoob” Geddes returns to sender on map 5

Thanks to a smart use of the repulsor, eUnited grew stronger as the series continued. RyaNoob was caught in a bad spot, but this grenade was packed return to sender.

Braedon “StelluR” Boettcher triple kill starts sweep of Sentinels

Arguably the most hyped match of the first day proved to be anti-climatic. With how StelluR and Cloud9 played from the beginning, the high level of play continued and never waned in their win against Sentinels. In this case, some smart peeks with the BR led to an easy CTF win on day one of HCS Anaheim.

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