Best attack and defense plays on Lotus in VALORANT
VALORANT Lotus attack defence

Best attack and defense plays on Lotus in VALORANT

Some cool plays to try out on the newest VALORANT map

Lotus, the newest map in VALORANT, is known for its three bomb sites, located within a stunning floral-heavy environment with grassy open spaces and mysterious, ancient buildings. To master this dynamic map, players will need to know the best plays to run on both attack and defense. So here are the most consistent plays to use to guarantee some wins on Lotus.

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Attack plays for Lotus

For Lotus, the three different areas to push down allows for a lot of different plays. To start, here are three different plays, one for attacking each site.

A-site attack play

For A-site, the toughest part is getting onto the site due to its two entrances being covered pretty well defensively. So, for an A-site push, it usually makes sense to have a controller with smokes or walls to limit enemy sightlines. For example, smoking off A Stairs makes the entrance to A easier, but still tough. That’s where someone with a stun, concuss or flash ability can help peek A Main or through A Tree.

As the players on A start clearing the site, it makes sense to have one player around B Main, covering in case someone pushes through A Link and gets a flank on the majority of the team. Plus, that player can cover flanks coming in from either C-site or B-site.

B-site attack play

Out of all the sites to attack, the B-site is arguably the hardest to hold, but might be the easiest to take. With agents such as Harbor or Viper, you can easily put up a wall that covers all the dangerous angles for defense asides from players directly on the site. It takes a second to get from attacker spawn to B, but quick agents such as Neon or Yoru can help expedite that process. At the same time, it makes sense to have one or two teammates go towards C-site just to cover a potential defensive rotation through C Door.

Where the other two sites you’ll need to use more utility to simply get the site, for B, you’ll need some smart utility to defend it. For example, agents such as Sage or Killjoy can help prevent enemies from coming in one of the many possible routes into B-site.

C-site attack play

While both A-site and C-site are pretty open, thanks to their cover, C-site is an easier site to rush. Aspects such as C Mound, C Door and the cover on C-site itself can lend to a Neon or Yoru rushing in and getting value. As long as your duelists can peek towards C-site and get either space or a pick, pushing it shouldn’t be too hard asides from some enemy utility.

Similar to the A-site attack play, having one player go B just to cover a potential quick flank makes sense. Smokes aren’t as needed for C-site, but using it to cover the enemy spawn side while attempting to plant the spike makes the most sense in a rush composition.

Defense plays on Lotus

As for defense plays on Lotus, player position matters more than anything in comparison to attack. Rotations are much more important in defense than offence, especially if your goal is to prevent a spike plant. Unlike attack plays, which are usually set on sites, defensive plays are much more open.

Lotus defence
The map layout from the defence site. | Provided by Riot Games.

One thing you can try on defense revolves around aggressive defenses, on either A or C site. Using utility from either Neon, Yoru or Jett, you can very quickly push up A Main or C Main. At that point, you can either go for duels, hide in a corner and wait for a player to walk by you, or even flank if you find out the enemy is on the other side of the map.

Asides from either playing aggressively or just staying on your respective sites and holding angles, defensive plays revolve around what your opponents do.


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