Best rotations to play on Lotus in VALORANT
Lotus VALORANT rotations
Provided by Riot Games.

Best rotations to play on Lotus in VALORANT

The new map in VALORANT has a lot of routes for players to rotate on

Lotus is the newest map in VALORANT and it comes with a lot of new gimmicks, strategies, and gameplay opportunities. This includes brand new ways in which teams can get around it, also known as rotations.

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Both teams — the attackers and defenders — start at different parts of the map. For this reason, both sides have different rotations that work in their favor. These include starting positions, covering flanks, and potential flank routes. Here are all of the rotations you need to know to win rounds in Lotus with ease.

Provided by Riot Games.

How to set up on Lotus

How you set up matters a lot. This is implemented more on defense than attack. For example, rushing a site with your entire team on attack is a valid strategy. Either way, players familiar with Haven will have no problem learning how to set up on Lotus.

First off, your team composition will usually dictate who goes where. Duelists are handy everywhere, but stacking two on a site usually isn’t the best choice. For Lotus in particular, a duelist each on A and C site is a good start. Then, another teammate to help them on those two sites works, leaving one more to cover B site. Considering how hard it is to attack B, leaving that site with only one defender can be risky, but that’s where utility comes in. Killjoy, Cypher or Chamber can all place utility at B before they scamper off to their other sites.

This setup covers all angles pretty well, just relying on one person to rotate from the A or C site to help B in case they get rushed. Usually, the one who rotates is the one who has seen nothing on their site, with duelists making the most sense.

Attack-side setups on Lotus

To attack on Lotus, you can choose any of the three potential avenues towards the three sites. But, for rotations, here are some tips.

A-site rotations

If you try to push A site, there are a couple of ways to get to it. The two main ways are through A Main and A Tree, with the latter requiring you to open the swivelling door. Most likely, enemies will be posted up just as you peek past A Root, so use A Rubble as cover if you want to go to A Tree.

If the fight goes poorly, you can back up and rotate through your spawn to either B or C. But, if you have taken some space on A Main, you can break the door to A Link and go to B that way. The other key option possible for A rotations would be a risky one — push up A Stairs and try and flank either to A Top or even the other two sites.

B-site rotations

As for B, the rotations there are pretty open, but all very risky. Every exit from B-site except through your spawn is covered by other sites’ setups. It makes the most sense to try and plant quickly for B-site, but if you have knowledge, rotations to either A or C site are quick. Both A and C site require doors to get through from B, one is breakable and the other needs to swivel.

Much like before, there is potential to flank, but the middle of the map can be the riskiest area to flank due to easy kills from behind.

C-site rotations

Lastly, C-site is a bit weird since it has two different open areas, but also a lot of cover. C Mound provides cover if you want to push, as well as C site having chest-high cover around it. Rotating from C is the hardest out of the three sites, with a loud door on the right and a deep site. The door is an option, but rotating through spawn is probably the safest.

The sneakiest play available here is to secure C and rotate to B. That entrance is behind where the enemies can set up on B site.

Defensive rotations allow for a lot of flanks on Lotus

While defensive rotations are usually a lot simpler than attack ones in VALORANT, the design of Lotus allows for a lot of flanks. Pushing up through any site, if not spotted, allows for a ton of flanks to other sites. Plus, with all the corners, holding angles and playing defensively also has their benefits.

Simply put, rotations on defense revolves entirely around what your opponents do, especially for Lotus in VALORANT. Just know that as much as you can flank, your opponents can do the same.

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