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The content drop for Episode 6 Act 1 of VALORANT was revealed by Riot Games last week. This included a plethora of new skins, cosmetics, and a fresh map. The new map is called Lotus and will be the ninth playable map in VALORANT. It will be the first map released since Pearl, which came out at the start of Episode 5. Riot Games offered a full overview of the Lotus map via a cinematic trailer last week. This overview showcased the map’s features, aesthetics, and overall design. However, there were still some questions from VALORANT fans regarding Lotus, specifically about how many Bomb Sites the map will feature.

Out of the eight current maps in VALORANT, only one features more than two Bomb Sites, Haven. Haven was a beta map, and fans have had plenty of time to get used to the three Bomb Sites and the subsequent rotations on that map specifically. However, since Haven’s release, Riot Games have stuck to the traditional two Bomb Site design. Of course, that was until Lotus.

Lotus Bomb Sites in VALORANT

As fans might have surmised, Lotus will be the second VALORANT map to have a total of three Bomb Sites. Like Haven, these three Bomb Sites will feature easy rotations from one to the other. This makes it easier for defenders to make their way across the map if the offenders plant the bomb at another site. All of the sites are also connected to both spawn points in some way.

Lotus should favor the offense when it initially launches, as defenders will likely have a difficult time predicting which bomb site the offense will try to attack at the start of a round. However, as time goes on, defenders will certainly develop new strategies to attack an offense before they can plant the bomb at one of the three sites.

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VALORANT Episode 6 Act 1 will launch on Jan. 10, 2023.

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