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When you get to Wyrm’s Crossing and the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate 3, you will immediately notice the large, metal construct enemies called Steel Watchers. One stops you on your way into the Wrym’s Rock Fortress while many more are seen walking around the Lower City as Lord Enver Gortash’s private security force. If you want to go against Lord Gortash in Act 3, then you will need to completely disable his Steel Watch.

This will take some time to do, as you need to learn where the Steel Watch Foundry is located, which is where all of the watchers are produced. In this guide, I will take you through the entire “Disable the Steel Watch” quest so you can start the process of bringing down Lord Gortash.

How to get inside the Steel Watch Foundry in BG3

The Steel Watch Foundry is located on the far western side of the Lower City map. You will find it south of the Baldur’s Gate waypoint and west of Lady Jannath’s Estate, which is where you find Oskar Fevras.

Steel Watch Foundry location
The Steel Watch Foundry location. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Of course, your map won’t look like mine in the screenshot above, as getting inside the Steel Watch Foundry is much more difficult than finding its location. When you get to the foundry, all of the front gates will be locked, and you need to find another way inside unless you want to attack all of the Steel Watchers on patrol.

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What I did was go into the Water Queen’s Home area just south of the foundry. You can start a quest here and speak to some additional characters, but that requires going further into the area. At the very start of the area, you can find a walkable patch of water and sand just below the foundry. I used Misty Step and Fly to get all of my characters onto the walkable patch and up onto the dock, as seen below.

Steel Watch Foundry location
The place your characters need to be outside of the foundry. | Screenshot via Upcomer

Once you’re there, you have to deal with a Steel Watcher patrolling the area. I was able to persuade the watcher to let me look around, but this just triggered combat anyway. Defeat the Steel Watcher or sneak past him to get inside the door of the foundry. As always, lightning skills are the best way to take down Steel Watchers, as this is the damage type they’re weakest to in BG3.

Saving the Gondians in BG3

Here, you will run into some Gondians arguing with their foundry oppressors. The Gondians have been forced to work on producing the Steel Watch for fear of losing their family members locked away in the Iron Throne prison. However, they have had enough, and combat will ensue after a short cutscene. Your main job is to keep Toobin alive, who is the blind Godian in the cutscene.

You also need to disable the Motivator every time it pops up. This is the purple glowing mechanism that controls all of the Gondians’ collars. If you don’t get to it in time, the Gondians will explode.

Screenshot via Upcomer

After defeating all of the foundry enemies, you can speak to Toobin and he will show you the way to the heart of the Steel Watch Foundry so you can disable it. Head west from your position to enter the security offices and then go down the stairs. Here, you need to fight more enemies who are trying to kill the rest of the Gondian workers. I found it very difficult to keep the Gondians alive, but you want to ensure you keep Toobin alive.

Once the enemies are defeated, go into the Control Centre Antechamber and then head through the next door. Toobin won’t come with you, though, as he says the Steel Watch Titan boss is going to emerge. I recommend taking a long rest outside of the Control Centre Antechamber, as the next fight is quite a doozy.

Screenshot via Upcomer

Defeating the Steel Watch Titan

Going into the next room from the Antechamber will reveal three Steel Watchers along with the Titan, the biggest and baddest watcher of them all. Like all Steel Watchers, Titan is doubly susceptible to lightning damage, so you will need to use any lighting spells, arrows, or scrolls that you have for this fight. However, Titan also has over 350 health, so it will take quite a while to defeat him and the other three Steel Watchers.

Screenshot via Upcomer

My words of wisdom for this fight are to keep your distance from the Steel Watchers, as they will self-detonate if their health gets too low or as a defense mechanism. You want to hit them with any lightning damage you have available before trying other attacks. My savior was Gale, who had three separate lighting attacks to wield.

If you keep damaging Titan, it will eventually turtle up and become invulnerable to damage that does meet a certain threshold (for me it was 15). When this happens, you need to make sure your attacks against it have a high chance of surpassing that damage threshold, otherwise, you will waste turns. As previously stated, lightning skills will work best and deal the most damage.

I actually recommend trying to disable the regular Steel Watchers first, as they will self-detonate after a while and this can damage Titan. Of course, if you have any AoE spells, those will work best to damage Titan and the other watchers at the same time.

Screenshot via Upcomer

If you manage to defeat Titan and kept Toobin alive, he will come into the room and offer to blow up the foundry. Make sure to loot Titan, first though, as it has a legendary bow. This will trigger a cutscene where the foundry explodes, and you have now completely disabled the Steel Watch in Baldur’s Gate 3. Naturally, this completely affects the rest of BG3 and your eventual ending.