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The Apex Legends Global Series Championship is already underway for all of the major regions, but players didn’t know how much they were competing for until today. This changed when EA and Respawn announced that the tournament would include a $2.5 million prize pool after a hugely successful crowd-funding event.

The series originally had a set prize pool of $1 million when it began on May 22. This was the base amount that EA and Respawn had put up for the contestants. However, soon after this announcement, the developers revealed that a crowd-funding event would take place to determine the final prize pool of the ALGS Championship.

Players could purchase up to five specific bundles and in turn an amount between $5.00 and $20.00 would be added to the prize pool. Four of the bundles contained fewer cosmetic items that added $5.00 while the loaded Animal Kingdom bundle added $20.00.

ALGS Championship prize pool finalized

The crowd-funding campaign ended right in the middle of the ALGS Championship, which is set to conclude on June 13. In total, players raised over $1.5 million for the prize pool. The exact final amount is $2,580,590, making it the largest prize pool in competitive Apex Legends history.


Both sides of Apex Legends are thriving in 2021, with the base version of the game garnering more attention than ever. Season 9, dubbed “Legacy” introduced several new changes, including the Arenas mode. Respawn also confirmed that the game now has a total of 100 million unique players.

This success rubbed off on the esports side of things as well. The ALGS Winter Circuit Playoffs saw a record-setting 100,000 average minute audience. In regard to the ALGS Championship, the event should see close to those numbers when the grand finals kick off later this month.