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In addition to Winterfest 2022 happening in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1, there’s another event taking place this week as well.

The MrBeast Extreme Survival Challenge goes live this weekend, Saturday, Dec. 17 for all players. This tournament holds a cash prize of $1 million for the winning player. To win, all players have to do is earn the most score in the entire world on a Fortnite Creative Mode map that was designed by MrBeast and his team. There are other rewards besides the cash prize, though, including the Brella Umbrella and other cosmetics. Players can earn those extra cosmetics by completing the MrBeast Extreme Survival Quests, which require a specific amount of score.

The Extreme Survival Challenge is meant to simulate what it’d be like to participate in an actual MrBeast YouTube video. There are obstacles, objectives, and a timer that require players to be on top of their game every time they enter the level. The level is currently available to practice on before the big Dec. 17 tournament, using island code: 7990-6907-8565. Players might want to use that to their advantage if they want to earn enough score to get the Extreme Survival Quest rewards.

MrBeast Extreme Survival Quests and rewards

There are three quests and three rewards available in the Extreme Survival Challenge. The quests simply involve players earning a specific amount of score, but the rewards are different for each quest.

  • Score 35,000 points in the Extreme Survival Challenge – Mr. Beast Gaming icon
  • Score 70,000 points in the Extreme Survival Challenge – Mr. Beast Extreme Survival loading screen
  • Finish in the top 100,000 of competitors – MrBeast Brella Umbrella

Most players should be able to earn the first two rewards, which only involve earning 35,000 and 70,000 score, respectively. However, the last quest for the Brella Umbrella will only be rewarded to 100,000 total players. All of the action kicks off at 12 pm ET on Saturday, Dec. 17.

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