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Twitch streamer Félix “xQc” Lengyel faces backlash after a heated exchange with Among Us player “5up.” For weeks Among Us, a multiplayer murder mystery game, has taken Twitch by storm. Twitch’s largest content creators picked up the game after Chance “sodapoppin” Morris played it on stream. Streamers fell in love with its unique gameplay and propelled it to the top of Twitch’s categories.

An exciting result of Among Us is it’s catalyzed the growth of smaller streaming communities. Massive content creators like xQc are collaborating with previously unknown streamers because of the game’s large lobby size. An example is streamer 5up, now known as one of the best Among Us players after appearing in Tyler “Trainwreck” Niknam’s streams. 5up’s rapid growth is a Cinderella story, and it’s given him the opportunity to work with the platform’s most popular streamers.

Who is the impostor?

On September 25, xQc and 5up were playing in the same lobby when 5up correctly accused xQc of being the impostor. After a heated exchange between the pair, xQc began flaming 5up, making fun of him for wanting to quit the lobby. To conclude his rant, xQc said, “Peace out man, go play with your f*cking dummies. F*cking c*cklord.”

In response, 5up called out xQc for his “poor sportsmanship.” He asserts xQc has grown into an overbearing player, “controlling a game and leaving no room.” Moreover, he reflects on xQc’s tendency to belittle other players.

The overwhelming consensus of Among Us streamers and viewers is that xQc was out of line. Some say this behavior is typical for the former Overwatch player. However, streamer Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker says it’s not okay for xQc to speak aggressively with upcoming creators he doesn’t know. The next day, 5up addressed the drama, clarifying, “There’s no bad blood between Félix and I. Everything is fine chat, don’t worry.”

There’s been no further issue between the two players, and both have continued to stream the game separately.