Overwatch partners with Twitch for Support a Streamer event
Overwatch 2 Brigitte Medic
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Overwatch partners with Twitch for Support a Streamer event

Brigitte gets a unique legendary skin for gift subs on Twitch

For Overwatch 2’s second beta, the Overwatch development team has partnered with popular streaming service Twitch in an event dubbed Support a Streamer. This event focuses on a legendary Brigitte skin that can only be unlocked by gifting subscriptions on supported streamers channels. This event goes from June 29 at 2 PM EST, the day after the beta begins, until July 20 at 2 PM EST.

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Overwatch partners with Twitch again

Despite the Overwatch League’s partnership with YouTube, Overwatch doesn’t mind involving their old streaming platform. This time around, instead of getting beta access drops like the first beta, this event revolves around the streamers and their communities. There still is a game-related drop, but it isn’t focused on getting access to the beta itself.

For this event, the in-game focus is on the Legendary Medic Brigitte skin. The only way to get this skin is to gift three cumulative subscriptions to any of the allowed streamers on the blog’s list. Gift subs that are given anonymously will not count towards this goal. Also, a reminder, the event doesn’t start until the day after the beta begins; any subscriptions gifted on June 28 will not apply to this event.

How to get and redeem the code

When the gift subs are through, the Twitch account will receive a code to use for the skin — the codes will expire at the end of the year. To redeem it, simply go to Battle.net, and in the Account Overview tab, click the Redeem a Code box to enter the code. The code will appear within 24 hours of the final sub being gifted.

In the FAQ within the blog, some general questions lead to some key answers. First of all, fans in this Support a Streamer event do not need to own Overwatch to get this code, but do need to be in a region that Overwatch is available in the Battle.net store.

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