How to get your Twitch Recap 2022
Twitch Recap 2022
Provided by Twitch.

How to get your Twitch Recap 2022

The end of the year brings another recap from a major site

With 2022 coming to an end, Twitch has announced personalized Twitch Recaps. This recap will reveal how many hours you watched in 2022, how many channel points you earned, and even who your favorite streamers and categories were.

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Here is how to access your version of the Twitch Recap!

What the recap entails

Much like Twitch’s recap shown above, the Twitch Recap shows stats for people all across Twitch. Those stats include your most used emotes, time watching other streams, chat messages, and gift subs across 2022. You also get in-depth stats for your favorite streamers, how much time you spent watching them, and how involved you were in their community. If you’re a dedicated fan, it might even show you that you’re in the top percent of fans for that streamer.

Then, at the bottom of the recap, you have a small condensed version of the 2022 Twitch Recap you can post online. Download that and you can share that anywhere you like online.

How to get your Twitch Recap for 2022

There are two easy ways to get your Twitch Recap. The first is by the link above in the tweet. Simply click the, log into your Twitch account, and click the Viewer button at the top to get your custom Twitch Recap.

The other notable way is, if you are already logged into Twitch, to just go to your main page. At the bottom of the screen, you have a link to the Twitch Recap page. Then, click Viewer to see your recap.

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