How to watch the OpTic charity Stream-A-Thon
OpTic Stream-A-Thon
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How to watch the OpTic charity Stream-A-Thon

Tune in to support a worthy organization

An OpTic Gaming charity livestream, dubbed the “Stream-A-Thon” is taking place later today, Friday, June 17. The stream will benefit the Children’s Health and the Children’s Health Medical Center Foundation, an official partner of the organization. The proceeds from the stream will all go directly to the children’s charities and will feature a plethora of popular personalities, most of whom will be prominent figures of OpTic Gaming; the stream will also include some guest appearances from outside of the esports organization.

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The OpTic Stream-A-Thon begins at 3 PM EST on Friday, June 17, and will be live on OpTic’s Twitch channel, The individual personalities who are participating in the stream will also be live for their point of view during the various challenges that take place throughout the stream. Some of the personalities making an appearance on the stream include Dashy, Scump, H3CZ, Shotzzy, Team Summertime, aPG, FormaL, Karma, Holly, Sebas, ZLaner, and Maniac.

The charity event will also feature various well-known esports professionals and content creators, such as Rocket League’s Athena and Super Smash Bros’ Wizzrobe. Throughout the stream, these personalities will host a specific event for the esport they’re most known for. The full schedule for the OpTic Stream-A-Thon is found below, courtesy of OpTic.

  • The OpTic Switch Olympics – professional OpTic Halo players, Warzone streamers, and OpTic members competing in a series of games on Nintendo Switch. Participating talent include aPG, BobbyPoff, Formal, Holly, Karma, Lunchbox, Maniac, Sebas, Trippy, and ZLaner.
  • The Athena Cup, featuring a series of challenges by Rocket League personality and fan-favorite Athena
  • OpTic Texas Minecraft Challenge – Call of Duty League players and coaches Dashy, General, Hecz, Prolute, Rambo Ray, Scump, Sender, and Shotzzy
  • The Wizzy Hours (10 p.m.-12 a.m.) featuring Super Smash Bros start Wizzrobe
  • The TST Nightcap featuring Hitch, Blake, and Jorge of the popular streaming trip Team Summertime
  • Surprise appearances and streams by creators including Hastro, Helen “Dear” Jang, and more

The only event with a scheduled time is The Wizzy Hours, hosted by Wizzrobe. The rest of the stream will likely be fluid, shifting in terms of how long each segment takes. Fans can tune in and donate to support the children’s charities but also watch some entertaining content from OpTic members in the process. There will be donation milestone incentives for viewers to hit, which trigger giveaways and other rewards like getting to hit a specific OpTic member in the face with a pie.

Tune into OpTic’s Twitch channel at 3 PM EST later today to catch the start of the action.

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