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The release date for Horizon Forbidden West is quickly approaching and fans are gearing up to play as Aloy again. The world of Forbidden West looks to be more dangerous than ever before but also features some beautiful landscapes and new environments. From the beaches of San Francisco to the Golden Gate Bridge, fans should be in for a wild ride when Feb. 18 arrives. However, PS4 players are wondering if they even have the chance to play Horizon Forbidden West when it does come out.

Horizon Zero Dawn was originally released on PlayStation 4 in 2017. With the dawn of current-gen consoles, though, the PS4 is starting to get left behind. That won’t be the case with Horizon Forbidden West, however, as developer Guerrilla Games has confirmed that the game will arrive on the last-gen console.

Horizon Forbidden West releases on both PS4 and PS5

When Feb. 18 does come around, PS4 players should be able to check the PS Store and they will find the new Horizon game available to purchase. Players could pre-order the game as well and earn a plethora of content depending on what edition they decide to buy. The base game will cost $60, with each edition increasing in price. For those who haven’t purchased the game already, they should do so on an Internet browser and buy the PS4 version.

The PS4 version can be freely upgraded to the PS5 version. It will also cost $10 less. But searching for the PS4 version in the PS5 PS Store might not work, so go to the PS Store via the Internet and buy the version there.

There’s no word on how well Horizon Forbidden West will run on PS4 compared to PS5. Modern games haven’t fared well on last-gen consoles, so PS4 players might need to temper their expectations when it comes to sheer performance and visuals.

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