Who should you give radio control to in Dying Light 2 Stay Human?
Dying Light 2 Stay Human radio control to Jack or Matt
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Who should you give radio control to in Dying Light 2 Stay Human?

Choosing either side has an impact

One of the bigger main story quests in Dying Light 2 Stay Human is “Broadcast.” This mission involves you climbing to the top of the VNC Tower, the tallest building in Villedor. This is, in itself, exhilarating, terrifying and truly gets your adrenaline pumping as you ascend the giant skyscraper that’s infested with Infected. However, after all of that, you’ll have a choice regarding the tower’s radio control in Dying Light 2.

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The objective of this mission is to establish radio control for the entire city by attaching a transmitter to the top antenna. Peacekeeper Commander Jack Matt or supplier Juan tasks you with this, at first, but Lawan and Frank intervene. This causes quite the conundrum as you’re sitting atop a skyscraper wondering which side to give radio control to. In this guide, we’ll make that choice a little easier by giving you the full details on what each side can do for you.

There are spoilers for Dying Light 2 ahead.

Giving radio control in Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 Stay Human radio control
The choice to hand over control rests in your hands. | Provided by Techland

Depending on who you sided with, you’ll enter the VNC Tower with either Jack Matt or Juan leading you. It doesn’t truly matter which person is with you in the tower, as you’ll still have to make a decision later on.

As you climb up the tower, the difficult decision becomes magnified. You can either choose to listen to Frank and give him control, like he tried to do many years ago, or stick to the mission and give it to Juan or Jack Matt.

Radio control to Frank

First and foremost, if you give it to Frank, you’ll let him establish Radio New Hope. You’ll be giving up some key information regarding a GRE Scientist but this allows Frank to speak freely on the radio to the people of Villedor. Later on in the story, this allows Frank to warn the people of an incoming missile attack and saves many lives.

Radio control to Jack Matt or Juan

Whether you sided with Jack or Juan doesn’t matter much for the end of the story. If you give control to Jack, Peacekeeper propaganda will be spread across Villedor. However, the incoming missile attack later on in the story ends up causing massive casualties because Jack didn’t warn people.

Siding with Juan goes a similar way. Juan actually plants a bug on the transmitter if you give control to him, but this doesn’t change anything in terms of saving lives in the missile attack.

The choice seems simple if you want to save lives in the end but, if you’re doing an all-Peacekeeper run, you might be forced to sacrifice those lives.

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