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A suspicious leak has possibly revealed the first round of DLC characters coming to Tekken 8. This includes a character nobody recognizes called Xiao Meng.

A Redditor recently shared an alleged screenshot from the German PSN Store that showed upcoming DLC fighters for the yet-to-be-released Tekken 8. The allegedly leaked list included one name that confused fans: Xiao Meng. If the leak is to be believed, it seems like Xiao Meng may be a new character.

What we know about Xiao Meng

There is currently no information available about Xiao Meng. He is an entirely new character that doesn’t seem to be taken from Tekken’s existing lore. This has given fans no real information to go off of, except that Xiao Meng is a male character from either China or Taiwan.

When will Xiao Meng come out?

The Year 1 Character Pass will come out December 31, 2024. This date may change seeing as the game hasn’t even come out yet. But Xiao Meng will become available whenever the character pass and its content become available.

Who else is in the Year 1 Character Pass?

If the leak is to be believed, here are the characters coming in the first wave of DLC:

  • Roger the Kangaroo
  • Eddy Gordo
  • Armor King
  • Xiao Meng

Right now, fans are very skeptical of the Year 1 Character Pass for a variety of reasons. One of the main concerns is the inclusion of Roger the Kangaroo, which many consider a meme character. Others feel it’s unrealistic that Anna isn’t included, a popular character that was part of the first Tekken’s roster.