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You can always stumble on eggs as you roam around the world, but sometimes you’re looking for a specific Pal to add to your squad. If you want a Rock-type Pal though, you’ll need to keep an eye out for Rocky Eggs. Here’s where you can find them.

It should come as no surprise that each type of egg has its specific Pals that hatch from it. Common Eggs hatch Neutral Pals, Damp Eggs spawn Water-type Pals, etc.

Rocky Eggs naturally spawn Rock Pals, and if you want to add a stoney friend to your crew, here’s where you can find Rocky Eggs in Palworld.

Where to find normal and large Rocky Eggs in Palworld

Finding normal and large Rocky Eggs isn’t too hard. So far, I have discovered Rocky Eggs in The Islands, which is where you spawn, in the Mountains to the north of the world, and in the Desert to the east.

Players have also reported seeing them around the Volcano in the west, however, I haven’t stumbled across one there yet.

Where to find Huge Rocky Eggs in Palworld

Finding Huge Rocky Eggs is a little trickier, and so far I have only found one in the Mountains. Others have reported seeing them in the Desert too, but so far I haven’t been lucky enough to find one there.

Thankfully, because they are huge, they are pretty easy to see, so hop on a flying Mount Pal and soar over these areas until you see one. Keep your eyes peeled, and once you find one, drop down and take it home with you to your incubator.

A Map of Palworld, showing the Volcano, Mountains, and Desert
Stick to the Mountains or Desert at the top of the map. Image via mapgenie.io

What Pals hatch from Rocky Eggs in Palworld?

Pals that hatch from Rocky Eggs include:


  • Hangyu
  • Dumud
  • Fuddler


  • Surfent Terra
  • Digtoise


  • Warsect
  • Anubis

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