Where to find and use the Shipyard Office key in Redfall
Shipyard Office key Redfall
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Where to find and use the Shipyard Office key in Redfall

Two birds with one stone

You will come across several keys throughout your time in Redfall, and many of them will have a clear use. This is because most of the keys in the game will be directly tied to a quest and you will likely know you need a specific key. However, there are other times when a key’s purpose won’t be so apparent. One of those instances is with the Shipyard Office key, which is sitting on a soundboard desk in Redfall.

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The first time you find the Shipyard Office key will likely be when you are at Dead Catch Records. A main story quest takes place here that involves you going to shut off a radio broadcast that is supposedly luring civilians into a trap. First and foremost, you need to find the Dead Catch Records Studio key, which you would have had to find in order to get inside the studio. Then, when you go to shut off the radio broadcast, you might notice the Shipyard Office key sitting on the desk in front of you.

If you want to learn where to use the Shipyard Office key in Redfall, check out our guide below.

Using the Shipyard Office key in Redfall

After you have shut off the radio broadcast at Dead Catch Records, your quest objective will tell you to visit the shipyard that the broadcast was telling civilians to go to. Make your way to the shipyard and go through the main entrance, where there will be multiple enemies waiting for you. Eliminate the enemies outside and inside of the shipyard.

use the Shipyard Office key in Redfall
Provided by Bethesda Softworks

At some point, your character will say that you need to reach the top office that overlooks the facility. Make your way to the top of the railings to find the Shipyard Office, which requires the use of the Shipyard Office key. Opening the door reveals an enemy waiting inside, so simply kill them and then proceed with the quest.

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