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While the Dead Space Remake has remained mostly faithful to the original game that was released in 2008, there are some subtle changes made in the 2023 version. These subtle changes don’t compare to the larger ones, however, like the new secret ending that players can earn by completing some difficult tasks. However, if you played the original, then you’re likely to notice at least a few of the alterations the developers made. One of the changes that veteran players will notice is the location of the coveted Peng Treasure has been changed in the Dead Space Remake.

The Peng Treasure was a part of the original game, and it offers some beneficial rewards for players on board the USG Ishimura. If you want to find the Peng Treasure and unlock its benefits, then keep reading the guide below.

The Peng Treasure in Dead Space Remake

Peng Treasure in Dead Space Remake
Provided by EA

Surprisingly, you don’t have to be in the game long before you can be in the same area as the Peng Treasure. It’s technically located in the first chapter of the game, but players won’t be able to actually retrieve it until chapter 11. This is quite a long way off if you just started playing, so simply make your way through the story until you reach chapter 11.

Once you do, you can head back to the chapter one area. Specifically, you want to enter the Cargo Bay, which is a part of the story mission in chapter 11. You need to wait until you get the objective to “Engage the Cargo Crane.” At this point, you can start your quest to locate the Peng Treasure.

Take the cargo lift down like the game wants you to do and make your way down to the lower level of the bay. Get out of the lift and then immediately take a left behind the elevator. Here, you will see two large storage boxes that you can move with your Kinesis ability. Move the boxes to reveal two lockers and a Peng poster hanging next to them. Open up the leftmost locker and you will find the Peng Treasure.

You must retrieve the Peng Treasure during this part of the story, as you won’t be able to make it back there during the later parts of the game; once you’ve interacted with the “Red Marker” to move on from chapter 11, the Peng Treasure is no longer accessible.

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