What level should you be for PIDF Tower in Palworld?
What level should you be for PIDF Tower in Palworld?
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What level should you be for PIDF Tower in Palworld?

The fourth Pal Tower in Palworld

The PIDF Tower is the fourth Pal Tower you will come across in Palworld. Located in the northeastern desert biome, this tower is not one to be trifled with, as it holds a powerful boss inside.

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Marcus and the Fire-type Faleris govern over the PIDF Tower, and they are a formidable duo. Faleris is one of the strongest Fire-types in Palworld and has some incredible attacks that will put your party to shame if they’re not at the right level. To see what level you should be before taking on the PIDF Tower in Palworld, keep reading my guide below.

The level for the PIDF Tower in Palworld

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Before going any further, Faleris has roughly 147,000 HP, which is slightly higher than Orserk has at the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre Tower. However, unlike Orserk, Faleris is extremely tanky with a high defense and some devastating attacks.

To even think about defeating Marcus and Faleris, I strongly recommend your character and Pals be at least level 46-47. I would even go at level 48 to be on the safe side; I went with Jormuntide and other Pals at level 48 and still struggled, for reference.

For your party, I suggest bringing along Pals that know Water-type attacks but aren’t Water-types. Faleris might be a Fire-type, but it knows a single Electric-type attack, which decimates any Water-type that you send out into combat. My Jormuntide was immediately dispatched by this Electric-type move and I was left with the rest of my party for the remainder of the fight.

You can teach Pals Water-type attacks through Skill Fruits, so I advise having some Water-type attacks on other Pals as a safety net. This makes the fight with Faleris much easier, as its attacks won’t deal as much damage to Pals who aren’t affected by Fire or Electric-type attacks.

The PIDF Tower will likely take you a couple of tries, as Faleris is the toughest boss you have encountered so far in Palworld. However, once you learn its attacks and tendencies, the fight isn’t so bad, provided you’re at the right level.

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