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The VALORANT remake draw is a special mechanic introduced by Riot Games in order to make matches more competitive and avoid unfair disadvantages. While not required, it is a technique that can help players escape nearly unwinnable situations.

Any player who finds themselves on the losing end of a lopsided match would benefit from knowing how to use this tactic. Here’s an explanation of what a remake draw is in VALORANT and how to use it.

What is a remake draw in VALORANT?

The remake draw enables a team to instantly end a VALORANT match toward the beginning of the game. It is only available if one or more team members disconnects early in the match, thus leaving the remaining members at a numbers disadvantage.

If the players opt to remake the game, then their current match will end. Afterward, they will immediately queue into a new one. The players will not gain any XP or undergo any MMR changes following a remake, nor will that game appear in their match history. However, the disconnected players will still incur an MMR loss and a penalty for leaving the match.

How to trigger a remake

VALORANT remake draw screen
The screen that pops up after a team opts to remake. | Provided by Riot Games

In order to perform a remake draw in VALORANT, a player must type /remake into the in-game chat. This command only works if a player has disconnected prior to the end of the first round. Once the command has been entered, all team members will get to vote on whether they want to force a remake draw or continue playing the match.

All team members must unanimously vote in favor of a remake; otherwise, the game will proceed. In addition, the vote will only last until the end of the second buy phase. If any team member fails to vote within this time frame, then the match will proceed. As a result, players seeking to end a game following an early disconnect should be sure to communicate with their teammates.

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