What are Elite Zombies in MW3?
What are Elite Zombies in MW3?
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What are Elite Zombies in MW3?

A grade above regular Zombies

For the most part in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, you will be dealing with either regular Zombies or enemy AI soldiers. However, there are also times when Elite Zombies will come along and try to ruin your MW3 Zombies experience.

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Of course, on the flip side, you might need to find Elite Zombies for a weapon camo challenge or other mission. This means you need to know exactly what qualifies as an Elite Zombie so you can attempt to find and kill the right kind of undead monster.

In the guide below, I’ll explain exactly what Elite Zombies are in MW3 and how to find them in Urzikstan.

Elite Zombies in MW3

Image via Activision

When it comes to higher versions of regular zombies, there are two different classifications you need to be aware of: Special and Elite Zombies. Special Zombies are generic forms of Elite Zombies, which include the basic Mimic, Mangler, or Disciple. These zombies can spawn randomly around the map, but you also have better odds of spawning them by participating in various contracts, such as Bounties. I have also written guides on how to specifically spawn the Mimic, Mangler, and Disciple, so check those out for more in-depth details.

In regards to Elite Zombies, these are anything that look like regular Special Zombies but have a different name. You might run into what looks like a Disciple, but it won’t be named “Disciple.” Instead, it will be called something else, which is the best indication that it’s an Elite Zombie. These versions tend to be a little more difficult to defeat and usually only spawn in the Medium or High Threat Zones.

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And there you have it, the definition of Elite Zombies and how they compare to regular or Special Zombies. The general rule of thumb to follow is if it has a unique name, it’s likely an Elite Zombie. And if it has a general name, then it’s a Special Zombie.

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