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There are plenty of different bosses and more advanced enemies that you can across as you venture deeper into Urzkistan in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies. However, one such boss that you might need to find more often than not is Mimics, which can be extremely tricky to find and kill.

Mimics are flesh-colored zombies with four arms and a giant mouth in the center of their body, as you see in the featured image above. They can be difficult to kill if you don’t have upgraded equipment and weapons in MW3 Zombies, but you also need to find Mimics for certain missions and camo challenges. If you need to find one of these bosses but can’t seem to do so, check out my guide below.

Finding Mimics in MW3 Zombies

Mimics are classified as Elite Zombies, and they can spawn randomly across the map regardless of where you are. Even if you’re still in the Low Threat Zone, Mimics can and will spawn randomly if you decide to enter a building or start a contract.

However, if you want a better chance of finding Mimics, you need to head into the Medium or High Threat Zones (orange and red zones on your map). Here, you need to either start contracts or complete Strongholds to have a high chance of spawning Elite Zombies. Contracts are indicated by the green icons on your map while Strongholds are areas overrun by gas and zombie pods.

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Contracts can be completed in a variety of ways depending on which one you select. Strongholds, on the other hand, need to be completed by shooting all of the yellow cysts on the wall of the inside of the Stronghold building. Once all of the cysts are gone, a Reward Rift will spawn. Although, before that happens, it’s likely an Elite Zombie or two will attack you, which could be a Mimic.

Killing Mimics in MW3 Zombies

Image via Activision

If you manage to find a Mimic, you just need to keep shooting it, particularly in the middle of its mouth. However, Mimics have a ton of health and can suck you in closer to them with their extra limbs. As such, you want to stay far away from the Mimics while also shooting them while you have the chance.

I recommend Pack-A-Punching your weapon at least once before trying to take on a Mimic. If you don’t Pack-A-Punch, the Mimic will act like a bullet sponge and take much longer to kill.

So your order of events should go like this in MW3 Zombies if you want to find and kill a Mimic:

  • Stay in the Low Threat Zone until you can Pack-A-Punch
  • Enter the Medium or High Threat Zones
  • Complete Contracts and Strongholds until you find a Mimic
  • Kill the Mimic and take its loot

Hopefully, your odds of seeing Mimic are higher than mine have been, as I can search for hours but not find one.

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