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Earlier this week, a leak via an internal document image from Activision let us potentially know when the Warzone 2 release date is. It’s unclear if the leaked release date is correct or not, but fans should mark Nov. 16 on their calendars just in case it is. Aside from that release date, however, we didn’t receive any additional details regarding Warzone 2. While we will hear more about the game at Call of Duty Next on Sept. 15, it seems one pro player doesn’t want fans to wait that long.

As of right now, we only know that a new map and all Modern Warfare 2 content will arrive with Warzone 2. Not much else has been revealed officially by Activision or even leaked by insiders for that matter. That was up until one pro player, Metaphor, possibly spilled the beans on bits and pieces of Warzone 2/MW2 content.

According to Metaphor, they saw the entire Warzone 2 map as well as gameplay of MW2 and the leaked DMZ mode. Metaphor did a Q&A on Reddit and talked about the graphics of Warzone 2 in addition to some mechanics/gameplay content in both Warzone and Modern Warfare 2.

Pro Player speaks about Warzone 2 Map & Gameplay from CODWarzone

One of the most notable bits of information Metaphor leaked was the fact that slide canceling is apparently not returning in the new version of Warzone and MW2. Metaphor claimed that “it will feel more like CoD4 with how you are [challenging] people now.” This was an interesting analogy, as CDL pro Ian “Crimsix” Porter recently said on stream that MW2 felt like “classic COD,” which aligns with what Metaphor said.

Slide canceling has been a controversial mechanic since it was fully introduced in Modern Warfare 2019. Essentially, it adds a skill gap into the game, but it’s incredibly difficult to pull off consistently, especially on controller. Players have asked for the developers to remove its current form since it does break the traditional movement flow of Call of Duty. It seems the developers are listening according to Metaphor. Of course, we’ll have to wait until the MW2 beta on Sept. 16 to see if they’re correct.

Aside from slide canceling, Metaphor also touched on the recoil in MW2. Fans were surprised to see how much recoil a gun in MW2 had from a recent gameplay snippet. Metaphor has claimed that this recoil was fake, however. They also said sniping “looks good” in MW2.

As always, fans should take these leaks with a grain of salt. It’s very possible Metaphor could have seen Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 gameplay. There’s no way to confirm this or what they saw, though. We will see our first taste of the games at Call of Duty Next on Sept. 15.

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