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The Warriors Gaming Squad will kick off the 2021 NBA 2K League season with the Tipoff tournament on May 19. Esports players will clash for the lion’s share of a $160,000 prize pool.

Tipoff and NBA 2K League 2021 season

The event will be the first of the 16-week season and be broadcast live over on the NBA 2K League’s official YouTube and Twitch channels. During those 16 weeks, each NBA 2K League team will duke it out in 28 regular season games.

Warriors Gaming Squad to kick off NBA 2K League season with Tipoff tournament
NBA 2K21 screenshot. Image provided by 2K Games.

As for the matchups, they will consist of two back-to-back games against an opposing team. The result of each game will be counted towards each team’s seasonal record.

In the upcoming season, the NBA 2K League will also be split into different conferences. The Warriors Gaming Squad, in particular, will be in the Western Conference.

2021 Season boasts $1.5 million prize pool

In total, the 2021 season will have $1.5 million in prize money.

NBA 2K21 screenshot. Image provided by 2K Games.

The Warriors Gaming Squad will participate in plenty of scheduled games throughout the year. The Turn tournament, for example, will have a total prize pool of $260,000.

As for the 2021 Playoffs, the winning NBA 2K League team will receive $450,000 from the prize pool. Meanwhile, $630,000 will be distributed to the other top teams.

Warriors Gaming Squad schedule

In the past, the Warriors Gaming Squad became the first NBA 2K League team to win multiple tournaments in one season.

Current Warriors Gaming Squad roster. Image provided by the NBA 2K League.

Currently, the Warriors Gaming Squad roster consists of Charlie “CB13” Bostwick, Austin “KayAus” Caterino, Veron “Hezi” Coates, Antoine “Antoine” Featherstone, Matt “Matty” Grant and Sam “Gradient” Salyers.

The full schedule for the Warriors Gaming Squad can be viewed below:

Day/DateTime (PT)Opponent
May 19-22The Tipoff Tournament
Thursday, May 274:20 p.m.Bucks Gaming
June 2-5Bye Week
Thursday, June 104:40 p.m.Jazz Gaming
Friday, June 116 p.m.Wizards District Gaming (NBA 2K League Game of the Week)
Thursday, June 174 p.m.Mavs Gaming
Saturday, June 194 p.m.Lakers Gaming
Wednesday, June 236 p.m.Blazer5 Gaming
Thursday, June 244 p.m.T-Wolves Gaming
June 30 – July 3Bye Week
July 7-10Bye Week
July 14-17The Turn Tournament
Wednesday, July 214 p.m.Lakers Gaming
Friday, July 236 p.m.Cavs Legion GC
Wednesday, July 286 p.m.Blazer5 Gaming
Friday, July 306 p.m.Raptors Uprising GC (NBA 2K League Game of the Week)
Wednesday, August 44 p.m.Kings Guard Gaming
Thursday, August 54:20 p.m.Kings Guard Gaming
Saturday, August 144 p.m.Jazz Gaming
August 19-21The Ticket Tournament
August 26-28NBA 2K League Playoffs
September 4NBA 2K League Finals

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