Everything video game related during Super Bowl LVI
The Halo Infinite team for Cloud9 watch Super Bowl LVI
The Halo Infinite team for Cloud9 watch the Super Bowl | Photo provided by Cloud9.

Everything video game related during Super Bowl LVI

Even during football, video games are noticeably around the Super Bowl
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The biggest sporting event of the year – Super Bowl LVI – happened early on into 2022, and with plenty of fans sitting at home watching from their TVs or computers, video games made their appearances. Here are all the gaming related news and references that popped up during the big game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals.

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Respect and references

Just before the game started, the Super Bowl honored a popular figure that recently passed away. John Madden, legendary NFL coach, commentator and video game icon from the Madden NFL series, died on Dec. 28, 2021. His family, including his sons Mike and Joe Madden, appeared before the crowd to applause and respect for their late relative.

Not too long afterwards, popular FIFA streamer Edwin “Castro1021” Castro had a cameo in a McDonalds ad. He wasn’t alone, as Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) also made a guest appearance.

On Twitter, a current NFL pro and signed Rocket League player weighed in on the game. Dignitas and Philadelphia Eagles player Boston Scott tweeted his support for Trent Taylor on the Bengals.

Evil Geniuses’ partnership with Bud Light Next meant their Super Bowl commercial had a special contest for fans to participate in.  On Friday, Evil Geniuses announced that the first five people to take a picture of EG logo in the Super Bowl Bud Light commercial and tag the team on Twitter would win jerseys.

During the game itself, there weren’t many direct video game references, as football was on full display. There were some funny moments that reminded fans of Warzone though, as Joe Burrow slid into a first down.

And even during their own leagues, fans from other sports and esports were tuning in to see who would win. One of the best examples was Cloud9, who have a Halo Infinite team competing in the Halo Championship Series Anaheim 2022 at the same time. While their team was reaching the finals in their game, the players just wanted to watch Super Bowl LVI.

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