Nadia claims bikini pics got her blacklisted from CoD tournaments - again - Upcomer
Nadia CoD cheater

Nadia claims bikini pics got her blacklisted from CoD tournaments – again

Is it really her bikini pics?

Controversial Call of Duty streamer Nadia K. Amine aka Nadia is back in the spotlight after claiming she’s been blacklisted from tournaments for photos in a bikini. Sick of hearing all the drama without knowing who Nadia is? Here’s everything you need to know about Nadia in the Call of Duty tournament.

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Nadia claims she’s blacklisted from CoD tournaments for posting bikini pictures

The most recent drama with Nadia revolves around a claim that she’s been purposefully barred from competing in Call of Duty tournaments. According to Nadia, her bikini photos on OnlyFans have resulted in her getting booted from competing.

Nadia explained that she’s never posted nude photos but apparently the bikini pictures were enough. She further explained that men in the community can post “their bare ass” meanwhile. This was a dig at Turner “Tfue” Tenney and other popular streamers who have posted revealing photos on X but are still allowed at tournaments.

Nadia tweeted: “It’s sad to see instead of boys accepting a woman is better at them in a video game, they have to perpetuate the idea they cheated in order to sleep at night.”

Did Nadia cheat in Call of Duty?

While the bikini pics could possibly by a reason for Nadia not getting invited to Call of Duty tournaments, the actual reasons are most likely related to her cutting down on CoD content and being consistently accused of using cheats.

Nadia first gained fame on TikTok for posting short clips of her seemingly wrecking her competition. But skeptics noted that her opponents never seem to shoot back and that her aim is mysteriously consistent. She has also stated in the past that she has used Cronus Zen before she blew up.

“You want my controller settings? Or my Cronus settings?” she infamously said a few years back.

Then in 2022, Nadia was invited to an in-person tournament with other popular players. Unable to use any cheats in this setting, CoD fans noted that her playstyle was drastically different and, well, worse. Being so far below other streamers of a similar rank seemed to only confirm that she usually uses aim hacks.

So was she blacklisted for bikini pics? Or is Nadia maybe just not attending tournaments out of her own choice after that embarrassing and telling performance?