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MLB The Show home run

How to hit a home run in MLB The Show 23

MLB The Show 23 is one of the most successful baseball games to date thanks to its realistic and exciting gameplay. Hitting a home run is probably the most satisfying experience but it will require some skill, practice, and insider knowledge. Here’s how to hit home runs like a pro.

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1. Adjust your swing

Pitches will always be switched up, with both high and low pitches coming your way. You’ll need to modify your swing based on the pitcher you’re up against. For example, use a standard swing on low and inside/outside pitches. Being able to adjust your swing to react to pitches will make all the difference, but it will take some practice to figure out what swing works best for what pitching style.

2. Time your swing

Again, your opponent will be throwing an inside or outside pitch. If it’s an inside pitch, swing earlier. Swing a bit later on an outside pitch. This will mislead the team by directing the ball away from them. You also want to avoid the center field since that’s the toughest area to hit a home run.

3. Center the top reticle

MLB The Show 23 allows players to choose between three reticles, a zone hitting upgrade for the new year. For home runs, focus on the top reticle for the most powerful and effective swing. Don’t go higher than the reticle, however, or you’ll risk a pop-out.

4. Find the perfect batting stance

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There are multiple batting stances to choose from, including how your player stands and how they hold the bat. Choosing the right batting stance is super important when it comes to your performance. It’s even more important than perks and equipment. Here’s what is often recommended if you’re looking to get home runs:

  • Generic Stance 1
  • One-Handed Swing 3
  • Stride 2

5. Grab the right gear

While your batting stance is more significant than your gear, that doesn’t mean you should sleep on this if you want consistent home runs. You will want to equip cards that increase your power and contact. You can unlock gear faster by spending some cash, but all of the gear you need — including upgrading to diamond gear — can be done by grinding the game without spending a dime.

6. Create the best custom character

In MLB The Show 23, you can create a custom character for Road to the Show. This career-oriented path is great for gamers that want to perfect their playstyle before competing online. To create a custom character with the most potential to hit a home run, select first, third, left, or right field entries in the power menu. Then choose between pitching and hitting. Defense and speed are also recommended. The more points you put into your character’s power, the more likely a home run will be.

7. Use Power Perks

While playing through the campaign, equip diamond power archetypes to your power hitter for more consistent home run potential.

There you have it! If you are hoping to hit home runs a lot more consistently, remember to create a powerful custom character  that’s equipped with the right gear and perks to create a promising foundation. Then focus on your stance and make sure you practice how to swing against a variety of pitches.