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How to view MLB The Show patch notes

Know where to look whenever gameplay changes are on the way

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s MLB The Show series lets gamers experience the world of Major League Baseball in an interactive way. The latest iteration includes a story mode revolving around the Negro Leagues, allowing players to explore the stories of Jackie Robinson and other legendary players who worked to integrate competitive baseball at the highest levels of play.

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Fans of the series may be wondering how to check for updates so they can keep abreast of the latest developments in the gameplay experience. Here’s how players can check patch notes for MLB The Show 23 and other games in the series.

How to view MLB The Show 23 patch notes

Currently, patch notes for MLB The Show 23 are hosted on the official MLB The Show website. Specifically, players can find the latest developments by checking out the Game Updates Archives page. On the Game Updates Archives page, players can see lists of patch notes organized by important information such as their release date and which game they are for.

Players can also check how many updates each game has had and see the most recent version available for MLB The Show 23. Keep in mind that the latest patch notes will always be available at the top left of the Game Updates Archives page.

This archive also allows players to view updates for previous iterations of the MLB The Show series. For example, players can easily see that MLB The Show 22 had 20 updates following its launch before MLB The Show 23 came out in March of 2023.

Understanding the patch notes

MLB The Show patch notes page
Players can view recent updates on the Game Updates Archive webpage. | Screengrab provided by Sony

After clicking on an MLB The Show update listing, players can see lots of valuable information at the top of the patch notes. This includes what consoles are affected and what time the patch is expected to go live in the game.

Then, general balance and cosmetic changes will be listed. From there, players can see a list of changes organized by mode. For example, the third MLB The Show 23 update in April of 2023 added changes for Diamond Dynasty, online head-to-head, co-op, Road to the Show and the March to October and Franchise modes.

Finally, the bottom of each page will include miscellaneous adjustments and developer notes. Reading the developer notes can give you a better understanding of why the developers made certain changes and what impact the MLB The Show patch notes should have on your gameplay experience.

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