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When it comes to drumming up hype on twitch, few tactics are as tried and true as the marathon stream — but there’s never been anything quite like Ludwig’s subathon. From world first races in MMOs to charity events, marathon streams bring in high numbers of viewers, and equally high amounts of money.

But in March of 2021, Ludwig Ahgren began a marathon that would be unlike anything Twitch had ever seen.

Unlike similar streams that might run for a weekend, Ludwig would end up streaming continuously for an entire month, living his entire life on camera, and shattering records in the process.

In over 740 consecutive hours on air, Ludwig went from a successful streamer to the biggest name on Twitch, as audiences watched him game, cook, exercise, and even sleep all on stream. This is the Ludwig Subathon.

The Ludwig Subathon Story

The Ludwig Subathon first came into existence as a fallback plan for a more limited marathon stream that fell through. Originally, back in early March, Ludwig was planning to do a single 24 hour stream, after returning from a trip to see his family. Unfortunately, during this trip Ludwig ended up being hospitalized with appendicitis.

After getting his appendix removed, he returned home, but was still in bad shape during the time the broadcast was originally scheduled. This led to him pushing the stream for a few days, and altering the format. Instead of going 24 hours, he would stream indefinitely, with the clock of remaining time fueled by twitch subs. And the rest is history.

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