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Timothy John Betar, better known to the world as “TimTheTatman,” is one of the top streamers in the world, and one of the latest to move to YouTube. On top of his 7 million Twitch followers, he’s accumulated over 4 million subs on YouTube. He is a gamer, an entertainer and a man of faith.

But, unlike his other streaming counterparts, he doesn’t bank on top tier gameplay or put on a persona to sell his streams. Instead, Tim fosters a community of interaction, positivity and friendliness that engages viewers in a way much like hanging out at a buddy’s house.

His fans, the Tatman Army, now number in the millions. But it took nine years, a change in career and a lot of unintentional fall damage to achieve that.

This is the story of TimTheTatman.

The origins of TimTheTatman’s journey

Tim first received his gamertag during roll call in college.

In 2012, Tim made good on his promise and began streaming Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, among other games under the moniker. This was all while still in school and working as a social worker with at-risk youth. During this time, streaming was more of a side activity for fun. But a small following quickly began to pop up around him.

In 2013, Tim began a YouTube channel to post videos from his Twitch stream. His dedication to both platforms helped him build his channel and, in 2014, he finally felt that he could live off of his Twitch earnings. Leaving the life of a social worker behind, Tim increased his stream frequency. Over the next two years, he was able to grow his average viewership to over 6,000, which was no small feat.

Learn the whole story by watching the video above, or heading to Upcomer’s YouTube channel.

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