Upcoming Apex Legends event brings “one of the most fan-requested features”

Upcoming Apex Legends event brings “one of the most fan-requested features”

EA made it clear in their recently-released 2020 Q1 earnings call remarks that they are happy with Apex Legends. The company views Apex‘s current content release system as a winning model, and they are poised to keep the ball rolling. That means more in-game events, including one coming up in a couple of weeks. We don’t know much about it yet, but it should bring a new feature to the game.

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Apex Legends’ new feature?

“We will continue to add content during the quarter, with a major event in mid-August,” EA CEO Blake Jorgensen stated in the earnings call. The event will “bring new content and deliver one of the most fan-requested features since the launch of Apex.”

Apex Legends solo duo mode

While some Reddit users jokingly pondered features like a more stable connection, there are really only a couple of things this “most fan-requested feature” could be. Which one immediately stands out? Well, since the very beginning, Apex Legends players have asked for solo and duo modes.

Unlike traditional battle royales, Apex revolves around team-play. Respawn designed its mechanics and legends with cooperation in mind. Still, many players would prefer to drop alone. After the addition of ranked, this is arguably the second most requested mode.

Data-miners discovered strings referring to solo and duo mode in Apex Legends‘ code as early as February 9. And a temporary event would be a good dry test for the modes before the studio adds them as permanent features. We cannot confirm that this is what the event will bring, but it is a strong possibility.

More content and a bigger Season 3

“We are increasing investment in content development and marketing to continue to drive growth in Apex Legends,” Jorgensen stated. Appeasing the game’s fanbase through robust content releases is something Respawn and EA learned early on. After the less-than-favorable reception to its first Battle Pass, Apex Legends returned with a lot more cosmetics in Season 2.

For the next season, the studio is gearing up to give players even more loot. “There will be more updates and in-game experiences in the weeks to come for Season 2, and Season 3 is shaping up to be even bigger,” said EA CEO Andrew Wilson.

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