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Twitch has partnered with the NBA and Brazilian streamer Gaules to officially co-stream the 2021 NBA playoffs. With co-streams of all sports growing in popularity in recent years, the NBA will utilize this to grow their brand. The NBA playoffs co-stream will start on June 2, following the trend of esports co-streams.

NBA approves a Twitch co-stream

With this being the first co-stream of its kind, it makes sense that Gaules was chosen as the streamer. His recent VALORANT co-streams have netted a large set of viewers. Therefore, he has experience reacting and commentating on sports. Also, his — over 2.5 million — subscribers can watch NBA games alongside their favorite streamer as the playoffs become more intense.

Bridging the gap between major sports leagues and Twitch has been tested before. For example, NFL games have been broadcasted live on Twitch. Currently, certain YouTubers can co-stream NHL games with the live game on the same stream. Another example includes the Olympics connecting with Twitch. With the COVID-19 pandemic, this is a great alternative to group watch parties. Twitch has always had a large esports connection, with many streamers co-streaming big esports events. Now, that bridge between esports co-streaming and sports co-streaming is thinning.

Gaules gives South Americans an easy way to watch the playoffs

With many NBA fans struggling to pay for a TV or stream package that includes live games, this allows anyone who can access the stream to watch. Region lock may happen, so it’s possible that it could solely include Brazilian or South American Twitch users. As Budweiser is one of the key companies assisting with this connection, there’s a chance that giveaways will be incorporated in Gaules’ streams. The potential for this connection, for the present and future, can open up a lot of opportunities.

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